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On Religion…

As we are in the month of Ramadan and I am being asked many curious questions from my social circle, this post has been long overdue… You may call it a coincidence but I am currently attending a religious studies summer course, and being in an environment of diverse ethnicity within a Christian school, I have been reflecting on religion.

Today is the second day of fasting for me. People have been asking me “How do you do it? Why do you do it?”. Just to quickly fill you in, fasting for us starts from sundown to sunset, about 18 hours a day for this year to be exact. My answer to the many questions took me (too!) by surprise. If you asked me why I fasted before, I would say “Well, my religion requires fasting so I do it”. Coming to terms of learning about other religions and attending their ceremonies, I look at things differently now. I started doing what I do for me. I fast because I feel at peace. My mind is clear and I have no worries about what is going to happen next. I stop worrying about doing things. I sit down. I focus. I feel like I have all the time in the world. I feel, that I am close to God. Continue reading

Travelling on a budget: Sin City Edition

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to explore the alive city of Las Vegas. It is just as you would imagine— exceptionally vibrant, bright (literally! Please do not leave this please without seeing the lightshows on the Freemont street) and you will find yourself carelessly watching a dancer who is probably more careless than you are. Mind you, you need to visit this place with an open mind. What you will see may shock you. In contrast, I was more calm than I have ever been in this city and that’s been given to me by the attitudes of the people. Sin city, free city, crazy town… Whatever you want to call it.

Here are some tips to survive if you are on a budget and planning to travel (applicable to most of the urban attractions):

  1. Flight Tickets

This will specifically focus on the Vancouver people. Remember that you live so close to the US border! US flight tickets are almost always cheaper. If you evaluate how much you’d spend on gas and come up with a good price, you are on the right track to save yourself some $$ Continue reading

A heart from rose

When I was a little one, there was a feeling that did not quite have a name. I would describe it as if I was in a tiny square dark room, one that is drawn by a charcoal artist that liked keeping the edges a lot darker. Shadows I suppose, some may say they make the picture look a lot less lonely, and the room a little wider. I quickly learned about feelings and how you must know why you feel this way or that way, and fix it, as mom says. This feeling I could not quite fix. Continue reading