Women, gossip, shit talk

Why are people so mean? (Pause here and laugh if you like).
Why women are never nice to other women?
Let’s talk about what we do…
We channel each others’ insecurities. We get jealous because someone else has something that we don’t have. Or worse.. something that we too have. We constantly compare one another. We talk behind each others’ back. We compete for attention. We sell one off for the next boy coming or steal the next one for ourselves to hurt someone. We put each other down. We measure our worth through literal shit standards. We hide ourselves.
This post might make some people think that it is intended to a specific audience. Nada. It is intended to all of you out there.
I was thrilled to be in my hometown this week. End of the week, I am not so thrilled anymore. More, I am broken by so many words being said without a thought. And please note—I am not someone that takes life itself seriously.
There were so many words said about my weight, my hair, my poverty make-up skills as well as my relationship (this one goes a long way…). And so many I have heard about other people’s. I feel very fragile. When you are in a place where the mouths have no filters (4+ women talking around a table), you —too— can talk about the person next to you without even them noticing. You only do this because they hurt you. That’s innocent, right?


Back in high school, I never had girl friends. I never trusted them. My guy-friends told me not to trust them. I found their topic of talk boring and the dramatic scenes intense. It was too hard to flow within their mind set. I was not girly enough and I did not fit in. Flashforward, I still never fit in.
I cannot claim I am the kindest and fairest of them all but I put great effort not to insult and INSULT NICELY. There are -some- people out there that can do an amazing job with that. Make it seem like a joke, that will get you out of a possible snap back. Sure. The prize goes to you, sister!
Here’s a piece of advice: You do not have to surrender to people who keep putting you down. Even if there are not any more brilliant people out there, be good and the good will find you. No destressing gossip session or no weight loss program can help you with that.
Please, be nice to one another. You are not and you cannot be the only one that is beautiful and talented. It is OKAY to help empower another person. It is the recipe to respecting and loving yourself more as well as collecting real TRUST, so at one point in your life, maybe, you too can believe that you will trust in the sincerity of another.

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