First of all, let’s make something clear: I am not saying that you should quit social media, nor I am saying you should not… I will get to that in a minute. Over the past decade, I have witnessed many forms of social media outgrowing books and tv whom once paralyzed my great grandparents. Facebook dropped the magic bomb of see all, know all. Then came, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Swarm, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and many more that I cannot recall off the top of my head.

The big hit lately is Instagram (at least it still was last month, before I deleted my Instagram account). It is an excellent promotion tool since it seems to be one of the limited ways to reach young adults, and it seems to be the preferred platform of the celebrities and influencers (When did that term get into our culture anyways? Think about it). Well, I felt fed up with seeing every second of every person’s life on ‘insta-snap’ feature. I honestly didn’t feel interested in how to cook egg whites and spinach to get fit, or what this girl from my kinder garden was listening to as she was driving to work. I bet you watched a 10 second short video of a similar kind too. And let’s be real, I was also fed up with getting comments about how my picture deserves a comment of ‘wow’ from someone I barely talk to. Or reading someone else’s comment about someone I cared about (but that’s another story for another time).

Credit: Pinterest

Credits: Pinterest

I’d lie if I said social media doesn’t creep the door of the wardrobe for my insecurities. It does, and it will, but believe me when I say nobody is perfect… I first quit Swarm, Foursquare and Twitter a couple of years ago until I had to create a Twitter account for a class. I have no issues with twitter, I find it excellent to catch the news now. However, Swarm and Foursquare were both ‘check-in-your-location’ kind of apps and 98% of its users were looking to find girls that they could meet at the next bar they walk in. No regrets. Next, gone Snapchat. After the ‘insta-snap’ feature people seemed the forget about Snapchat. I broke it off with a couple of close friends that I used snaps to communicate, I didn’t care to have other boys on there and people I cared about were one call away. Gone, gone.

Came Instagram… I deleted it for a short while after an unnecessary argument, tried to get back into my same account, didn’t work. Am I ever thankful. Do I miss scrolling down? Yes. Do I want to give cute, supportive comments to friends? Yes. Do I want to know what those people (that I do not like) are doing with their lives? Did God give them what they deserve? None of my business. I am over it. Will I ever get Instagram again? I expect so since it is the ‘it’ of today, people around me use it. But that decision will have to wait. Who knows, maybe we’ll have a new app that rises like a star coming 2018?

Hey… I still have Facebook for my daily memes… In my opinion, it is harmless now that it lost its crown to Instagram.

I study Media and Communications and I truly believe in both constructive and destructive power of technology and social media however, it mentally challenges me. I will always critique the mere existence of this ‘see all, know all’ mentality while abusing it madly. All I am saying is, know the time to take a mental break. Sip your coffee and look out your window instead of snapping the hell out of it. Use it with meaning.


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