Welcome to the Nation’s Capitol

Hello world,

As I was having a sweet struggle this past week, semi freaking out, majority of my time spent being tired, and walking, watching the views I recognize through the political culture aired through international channels in awe… I was star struck. Or White House struck.

However, sadly, this post is not about how the ceilings of the library of congress were majestically shiny or how I get to wake up, and sleep to the view of the Capitol Building. There is so much yet to be excited about for the next 4 months I will be spending here, but I also need a piece of mind for reflection. So here it goes…

The first few days for me was excitement, meeting so many new faces and recognizing the personalities behind the faces. Second, dilemma between keeping up versus resting. Third, feeling small.

I believe the connections you make happen in the first few days. It may not be your only chance to do so, but you create your own circle, and you circle around it. I started massively loud and ready to charm, got very tired quickly, and went under my shell for peace.

The environment I am in right now is fully supportive, and I am slowly making the shift to saying simple no’s to things I do not enjoy. I am trying to let go of some odd fears and pre-judgements. Trying to remember, not every experience is the same and not all past experience can reflect to future.

I would worry ahead of time, but I am in a scary flow state where I do not worry much here (yet).

I have so much to talk about Washington DC, the history and distinct character of the city, the weather, my wonderful roommates, and my soon to start internship. Much fun awaits…

Like the pilot shouted through the speakers as the plane landed, “Welcome to the nation’s Capitol”.  


My view every night…



Comment below if there is anything specific you would like to know about DC for the next post. Otherwise, have a wonderful week.

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