Monthly Archives: November 2018

Short Poem

Tame your demons

Walking on a tightrope

A thin rope

As delicate as you are

It’ll slip and tear every way

Twist it into a harness

Hold it tight

Give it all you have

With your rituals and candles

It’ll slip and tear every way

Don’t have to be tight

Don’t have to be too close

Don’t need a mirror

Don’t need to numb it

At least not right away

You can see it in every way

The last word doesn’t change


Tame your demons

Or don’t





Hello lovely folks,

I came here to say that I appreciate your support and readership that you have given me over the years. As you may have noticed, I have not been writing. I am painfully stuck in a semester of university that is hard (even for me) to handle.

Please bare with me as I finish up with my finals. I am so excited to create content for you and let my mind flourish. Even though my soul misses this platform, unfortunately, now is not the time for my epic comeback yet.

See you on December 15th!

Thank you.