A clue, a death, and Wilde

The following post is not like any other I have written before because I did not write the text. It is from a story I absolutely love, however, I do not know the name of it (and, it is killing me).

Today, I picked up an old USB, found a file named “Death and all his friends”, read the one-page text in it and remembered how much I loved that story. I spent over an hour looking for the author. I can clearly remember the book cover so I went and did some digging around on the internet and found the publishing company.

Let’s do something fun. I am giving you the following ques to find the story I am talking about. If you can recall the name of it, I will send you a handwritten thank you letter!

Here are the cues:

Author: (Likely) Oscar Wilde

Places Mentioned: Dudleytown, Shannon’s Bar

Text –I am publishing a limited amount here due to potential copyright issues:

“Maybe that’s what death looks like” she said. “A light that either will help you go home or take you inside of itself.  A forest with no sound. Someone that you lost a long time ago, someone you have just lost and it felt cruel. It felt as you died, as maybe death itself is life. Someone you loved, someone you cared, someone you didn’t care but they cared for you. Something you lost, maybe yourself, while you were looking for answers out there. You couldn’t find them and stopped a long time ago, maybe that is death itself. A song that you can dance to if you were happy, but you started crying instead because happiness felt like death.  Something you were sure it was there and one second on, it was gone. Revenge it is? All the bad feelings, and all the good in people. Letting someone down, possibly yourself? Regrets. All the things that crept in your mind, or none of them. Maybe it doesn’t exist. My grandpa says that it is a vacation you should be happy about.  We came back as butterflies, I was a butterfly once you know.”

(The above text does not belong to me. All rights belong to the rightful owners.)

Comment below and let me find this story. Have a wonderful week, folks!



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