About me


Let’s make this a little less personal, shall we?

My name is not Hazel. My name is Hazal. Unlike the way I make it sound like, it isn’t my pet peeve to see that you spelled my name wrong. I started running this blog back when I started college. My peers had their own blogs so I most certainly had to form a portfolio of my own. Shortly after, I realized I loved writing and a lot later than that, I realized I loved talking about good films and popular culture. Good thing I chose to study Media after quitting my first year as a law student. I guess I did something right in life.

I am a recent graduate of the faculty of Media and Communications based in Vancouver, BC. In my spare time, you will find me watching old movies that I have already watched a million times, drinking coffee, reading or editing. I say that because writing is not a spare time activity, it is a daily meditation for me.

Like a movie, TV show or book and you’d like me to review it? Give me a shout, I love to watch your favorites.

Helpful Notes

If you work in the film industry, I would love to work with you and help you with the creative side of things, specifically screenwriting. I will consider volunteering for passion projects if we are a good match.  Email me at hazalscamera@gmail.com

I am always looking for new content. Hazal’s Camera is not a space of my own; it is a space open to anyone who’s willing to write. If you have an idea pitch me at hazalscamera@gmail.com or simply send me your article for a review. We will work on editing your article together and get it ready for publishing.

Finally, support my coffee addiction here.

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